From breakfast to exclusive additional services

We work round the clock to ensure that you are well looked after here. Just as we keep your well-being close to our hearts, we also do the same for the environment.

Fresh on the table: our breakfast.

Whether it’s a fine Bircher Muesli or quince jelly with fruit pieces: we make a lot of what we serve you in the mornings ourselves. Our hotel has its own garden that we cultivate all year round. We freshly prepare many popular specialties with plenty of attention to detail.

Recipes from our family

We found the old recipes of Ludwig Scheuble in the screed some time ago. So we started to cook and bake with them. Gradually, more recipes from the following generations were added to the collection. Whether a homemade jam or fine sweets, which our turndown butler serves as part of the evening service: we use products from the hotel's own garden whenever possible. Would you like a tasting sample? We'll let you in on two of our secrets: